Ben and Jerry's? It doesn't matter

History and Ice cream: The truth behind a boycott of Israel.

Jay Shapiro ,

Ben & Jerry's ice cream parlor
Ben & Jerry's ice cream parlor

The ice cream company boycott of Israel has occupied the news, but it means nothing in the long run.

Jay Shapiro notes that international companies, especially in the food sector, have already tried to boycott Israel, but beyond a well-publicized wave of reactions, there has been no real harm to Israel.

He mentions that quite a few states in the United States that have expressed commitment to the fight against the boycott of Israel have opposed the move by Ben & Jerry's, and some have even threatened to sever ties with it and not invest in it.

Therefore, according to Shapiro, it remains to be seen whether the ice cream company's move will give significant support to BDS or rather to Israel's position.