The Best Real Estate Deal on the Market
The Best Real Estate Deal on the Market

With Real Estate prices skyrocketing, where else can you get four amos of prime esrog orchard space, complete with your very own esrog tree?

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Real Estate
Real Estate
Kinyan Shmitta

With Real Estate prices skyrocketing, where else can you get four amos of prime esrog orchard space, complete with your very own esrog tree?

You can become a Shmittah observing farmer!

  • Fulfill the mitzvah of Shmittah:
  • Official Kinyan Shmittah certificate
  • Halachically and legally binding transaction
  • Regular updates and pictures of your Esrogim
  • Visit your land and tree
  • Be Mafkir your Esrogim for the many poor people who frequent the orchard

4x4 Amos complete with Esrog tree for $450

Installments can be made

100% of the proceeds go to the farmers!

Buy Your Esrog Tree Now

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A unique community of astute Torah Scholars established the Kinyan Shmita organization. With their comprehensive knowledge and vast experience, these prominent individuals have an acclaimed reputation as “The Experts!”
With total dedication, they oversee all the Halacha aspects in dealing with the meticulous intricacies of the Daled Minim for Sukkos and all agricultural issues in Eretz Yisrael.

Now the focus is on how you can fulfill the Mitzvah of Shmita.

They understood there was a tremendous opportunity to present to the Jewish community, a hands-on experience with the various Mitzvos of agricultural issues in Eretz Yisrael, particularly the Laws of Shmita.

Today, that opportunity has become a reality as Kinyan Shmita emphasis is on you and the entire Jewish world, empowering all to learn, comprehend, and embrace the Mitzvah of Shmita.

One of the most complicated and fascinating of the Daled Minim is the Esrog, the beauty, the palate, and the symbolisms. There is hardly a Mitzvah as complex as the Esrog, with its numerous laws and customs.
It begins with the orchard, the agronomic environment, and the laws of Tevel, Orlah, and of the Esrog itself, and of course this year’s Mitzvah of Shmita.

Kinyan Shmita provides absolute diligence in attending to every aspect of the growth of the Esrogim, from before planting the seeds through the harvesting process. Kinyan Shmita guarantee you the zenith of quality and care with the highest standards of Halacha L’Chumra. When the Yom Tov of Sukkos arrives, and the demand for the highest quality and the most beautiful Esrog becomes the focus, your Esrog is the one people will appreciate the most.


Esrogim of Excellence – The Kirschenboim Esrogim and the Miracle of Shmita 2004

Introducing Hagai, a fifth-generation “Kirschenbaum ” who follows in the footsteps of his ancestors, that has for over 100 years produced the most exquisite Esrogim in the world market.
The great Tzaddik, Lamdan, and Posek, the Chazon Ish זצ”ל, fulfilled the Mitzvah of the Esrog exclusively with the Kirshenboim Esrogim.
This orchard became famous once again in the year of Shmita 2004. When a fire, vast and uncontrollable, broke out in Moshav Yashresh, tragedy struck, destroying every single orchard in the area. Except for one!
Yours! The Kirshenboim orchard was unscathed. An open miracle for the world to witness and to be inspired by.
Shmita is Hashem’s Shabbos, guard it, and HE will guard you.