Former Tesla employee awarded $1 million for being called racial slur

Hearing also rules that former employee was discriminated against during his 18 months working for the electric vehicle company.

Dan Verbin, Canada ,

Tesla showroom
Tesla showroom

A former employee of Tesla was awarded over $1 million after a hearing ruled he was the victim of racial discrimination, including being called a racial slur, reported Futurism.

Melvin Berry had filed complaints about the harassment he faced at the company, accusing his direct supervisor of calling him a racial slur and then forcing him to work longer hours on harder assignments after he complained.

“I hope the world knows that an arbitrator found Tesla treats its employees like this,” Berry told Bloomberg News.

The Guardian first reported in 2018 on allegations by several workers at the electric vehicle company that they faced discrimination. At the time, they claimed that their concerns were not addressed by the company.

In 2016, Tesla engineer AJ Vandermeyden filed a lawsuit against the company for not addressing her complaints of “pervasive harassment,” according to the Guardian.

Arbitrator Elaine Rushing decided in favor of Berry, who was forced to quit after 18 months and had panic attacks, depression, and anxiety as a result, saying it was a clear case of harassment, reported Bloomberg.

Telsa denied the claims and said that it had previously denounced workplace harassment and discrimination.

At the hearing, Tesla had argued that Berry was only owed $148 because he had quit and had not been fired.

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