Police investigating stabbing in central Israel

A 53-year-old Jewish man was stabbed at the central bus station in Petach Tikva. Police investigating if the incident was terror-related.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Place of the attack
Place of the attack
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A 53-year-old man was seriously injured this evening (Monday) after being attacked at a bus stop in the industrial area of Petah Tikva. Police have opened an investigation of the incident.

"The wounded man was lying on the sidewalk at the bus stop, partly unconscious and bleeding profusely. We administered life-saving medical care that included bandaging the wound and providing CPR, and evacuated him to the intensive care unit in serious condition," said Magen Adom paramedic Yoram Shaltiel after treating the victim.

A senior MDA medic, Dov Rosen, who was first at the scene added: "We saw a man suffering from stab wounds at the bus stop. At first he was fully conscious and we were able to communicate with him. We provided him with life-saving medical treatment..."

"We continued treating the victim, transferring him to the hospital in serious condition," he said.

The Shin Bet is currently looking into the possibility of the attack being a terror act. The victim remains in mortal danger.