Can ultra-Orthodoxy survive the influences of the modern world?

One view of the haredi lifestyle, Orthodox Jewish youth and the modern society.

Walter Bingham ,

A haredu man with a cell phone
A haredu man with a cell phone

Today’s: Program is devoted to an in-depth investigation into why every year hundreds of haredi youth leave their families and their life-style to enter the secular world.

Hear: In their own words, why they left, as they open-up to Walter with their innermost thoughts.

What: Moves them to take that step?

Can: They cope, entering into the unknown with little secular knowledge or education?

How: Do their families react?

Do: They believe in God, or any Jewish ritual?

Also: An interview with a representative of "Out for Change", an organization that helps those who have left the haredi lifestyle to integrate into the secular world.