PA: Offsetting tax money harms our economy

PA cabinet leader asks EU to pressure on Israel to stop offsetting aid to the families of the terrorists.

Dalit Halevi ,

Mohammad Shtayyeh (left)
Mohammad Shtayyeh (left)
Flash 90

Palestinian Authority cabinet leader Mohammed Shtayyeh on Wednesday met in his office in Ramallah with the European envoy for the Middle East peace process and discussed the political developments in the region.

During the conversation, Shtayyeh told his guest that the EU should play a role in reviving the peace process sponsored by the international quartet "in a way that results in justice for our people."

Shtayyeh also called on the European Union to pressure Israel to stop its policy of deducting Palestinian tax money because of the PA’s financial support for families of terrorists and terrorist prisoners.

This policy, he claimed, exacerbates the economic crisis of the Palestinian Authority, especially because of the sharp decline in international aid.

Shtayyeh stressed the importance of holding elections to the Palestinian parliament and asked the European Union to pressure on Israel so that elections could be held in eastern Jerusalem as well.