Skoliner Rebbe joins other rabbinical leaders to put out urgent message

This one was personal.

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Skoliner Rebbe
Skoliner Rebbe
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This morning, some of the most important leaders of our generation put out an urgent message. But to them, it wasn’t just a message. This one was personal.

The message concerned the closest student of the Skoliner Rebbe, who is also close to Rabbi Naftoli Silver and Rabbi Dovid Cohen. According to the Rabbis, the man is a tremendous Torah scholar whose wedding is in exactly one week away. His parents are elderly and he is struggling to cover the many costs involved on his own. He is still lacking funding for basic necessities such as appliances and a hall.

Without funding soon, this great Torah scholar will face the humiliation and pain of cancelling his wedding and having to say goodbye to his bride forever. The Rabbis therefore are urgently seeking donors who can help him make his wedding before it’s simply too late.

“The wedding is in just one week, and he is still lacking in so many things,” they wrote.

“Without these basic things, how can anyone get married?! He has noone to help him. How can we turn him away?! Jewish brothers, we turn to you with an emotional plea to open your hearts to help your brother, a groom and a Torah scholar. His learning is holding up the world. Please give your charity generously and help him get married with dignity! In this tremendous merit, G-d should bless you with abundance, blessing, and a long life!”

Time is of the essence, and the Rabbis are urging those who can help to do whatever they are capable of. Those who wish to receive the Rabbis' beautiful blessing and to help an important bride and groom celebrate their wedding day can donate here.

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