The Health Ministry glitch that caused COVID infections

Glitch causing notices telling people they no longer had to quarantine leads to carriers spreading COVID.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

COVID test
COVID test

Children and adults who were in quarantine for possible coronavirus exposure received a notice which was sent by the Health Ministry by mistake notifying them that they were released from the obligation to isolate, and now parents are claiming that children who had contracted the coronavirus went on to infect others after they stopped quarantining, Channel 12 News reported.

The mistaken notices were the result of a glitch in the Health Ministry's computer systems which sent notices that the obligation to quarantine had ended to people who had been in quarantine for just two days and had not yet received the results of their coronavirus tests.

Some parents realized that this was a mistake and checked with the Health Ministry, but other parents took the message at face value and took their children out of quarantine.

According to testimonies and complaints from parents, dozens of cases of infection were recorded as a result of the premature end of the quarantine period.

The Health Ministry said in response: "On 24.7.2021, the Health Ministry located a computer glitch that affected the timing of the insulation messages, in such a way that a number of insulation barrels received an exit message on the insulation before the insulation end date. Correction messages have been sent to those who received incorrect messages.