IDF combats drug use among soldiers

New campaign by Israeli military looks to combat drug use among soldiers, warning draftees of 'heavy price' they'll pay for drug possession.

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IDF combats drug use among soldiers
IDF combats drug use among soldiers
IDF Spokesman

The Israeli military is working to dissuade soldiers from using recreational drugs, with new sanctions against violators.

While the Israeli government is moving forward with reforms to soften restrictions on marijuana usage, the IDF announced Monday it is launching a broad campaign to combat drug use among soldiers, including the use of ‘light’ drugs such as marijuana.

With an ad campaign aimed at soldiers and incoming draftees, the IDF is warning service members that they will soon be liable to lose their post-service grants if they are caught using or possessing illegal narcotics.

As part of its zero-tolerance policy against drug use, the army announced Monday that in addition to facing automatic investigation, arrest, and criminal charges, soldiers convicted of using drugs will face jail time, as well as potentially a reduction in rank, loss of their driver’s license, and the loss of various benefits affords to soldiers upon their completion of mandatory army service.

An ad campaign pushed by the army emphasized the “heavy price” soldiers could pay for “light drugs.”

“Market price: 30 Shekels. The real price: Loss of soldier’s deposit and benefit package. Light drugs? Heavy price!” one ad reads.