Sa'ar commits to passing anti-Netanyahu legislation

Barring someone under indictment from PM is only logical, says Sa'ar. It's opposing such a law that is personal.

Hezki Baruch ,

גדעון סער
גדעון סער
צילום: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Justice Minister Gideon Sa’ar (New Hope) has stated his intention to propose a new law that would prevent anyone under criminal indictment from serving as prime minister.

Writing in his Twitter account, Sa’ar stated: “A mayor of a city, who is directly elected by the local population, is suspended from his position if he is criminally indicted. (I passed this law as Interior Minister in Netanyahu’s third term of office, and he gave it his support). A minister or a deputy minister resigns his position if he is criminally indicted. Applying this to the position of prime minister conforms with the value system of the legislature. It is the opposition to this piece of legislation that is personal,” Sa’ar argued.

Responding (also on Twitter) was Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, who wrote: “The Justice Minister is right.”

In the Likud party, responses were furious. MK Shlomo Karhi, wrote, “The Minister at the service of this gang of rulers forgot to mention that the Supreme Court forced him to advance this piece of legislation. But giving the Attorney-General the sole authority to switch the prime minister?? Jealousy and hatred have broken all bounds. For shame.”

MK Galit Distal Atbariyan wrote on Twitter that, “No one here believes that you believe a word you wrote. It’s just populist Stalinist garbage. After boycotting the national-traditional bloc from the government, now you want to give a final burial to its democratic choice. Revenge? Insult? Jealousy? All of the above? I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case.”