Opposition intends to sue over Knesset committee seats

Members of the opposition are looking to petition the Supreme Court to force the coalition into giving up more seats in crucial committees.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

עו"ד שגית אפק
עו"ד שגית אפק
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Knesset legal advisor Adv. Sagit Afek's replies to opposition protests over committee composition have met with significant disapproval from the opposition.

Afek told the opposition that "It is important to see the process of mutual dialogue between parties in the Knesset to the end when forming the committees, and that the committee be established, to the greatest possible degree, to the satisfaction of all parties. The efforts towards this object continue even now, under the direction of Speaker of Knesset Mickey Levy."

"There have been some complications, most notably the composition and proceedings of the arrangements committee. However, since I understand the discourse between the parties, which should be welcomed, has not yet been exhausted, I do not think that at this stage there is room for me to elaborate on the substantive allegations you made in your letter regarding the composition of committees approved by the Knesset plenum."

Opposition parties have tendered that there is an unfair distribution of seats in important committees such as the finance and economy committees, and will not accept a majority in other committees instead. Attempts are now being made to advance a petition to the Supreme Court against the composition of the committees. It is estimated that it will be filed during the next week.