Male COVID-19 carrier dresses in niqab to evade detection

Indonesian man disguises himself as his wife in order to board domestic flight, but makes one error...

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Niqab (illustrative)
Niqab (illustrative)

A man who tested positive for COVID-19 decided to board a domestic flight in Indonesia regardless, and chose to disguise himself in an effort to evade detection.

The man, identified only as “DW,” took his wife’s ID and negative coronavirus test result, dressed himself in a niqab (which entirely covers the body save for a narrow opening for the eyes), and boarded a plane flying from Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital city, to Ternate.

The man drew no suspicion at the airport or upon boarding the plane, but in a remarkable lapse of judgment, decided to rid himself of the cumbersome Islamic garment while in the lavatory in mid-flight, and emerged dressed in his normal male attire.

A flight attendant noticed the transformation and alerted the authorities, and when the flight landed, officials were waiting to detain him.

The man was then tested for coronavirus and the test came back positive. He has been ordered to self-isolate at home pending charges.