5 Best ceiling fans summer 2021

We take into consideration Design, Energy Efficiency, Functionality and value for Money.
Here are the best ceiling fans for summer 2021:

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5 Best ceiling fans summer 2021
5 Best ceiling fans summer 2021
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Every season we do a survey of the best available ceiling fans.

We take into consideration Design, Energy Efficiency, Functionality and value for Money.

Here are the best ceiling fans for summer 2021:

1. Westinghouse Alloy

This model comes in a variety of colors and sizes and gives great value for money. It comes with a light fixture of two bulbs and can be purchased with a remote control.

In terms of quietness, its noise level is 51db which means you will barely hear it.

Another function that exists is a winter mode in which the blades rotate in an inverted position so that air flow towards the bottom and transfers hot air from the ceiling area and creates a heating effect.

Considering that this is a very reliable American fan and has a 15 year warranty on it

It can be said that it is a very worthwhile purchase.

So if you want a simple and good ceiling fan ALLOY can be for you. As a bonus, buying the fan includes installation for NIS 99 by a professional on our behalf.

Verdict: simple and reliable

2. Westinghouse Dunlin

Ceiling fan with folding wings with a stylish retro design from the Westinghouse company. This fan when it is off actually functions as a light fixture with 5 threaded bulbs, it is definitely advisable to choose charcoal bulbs with a warm light shade for a great atmosphere. It can fit into bedrooms or living rooms and when activated the wings open and give a relatively good airflow. Everyone who bought this fan was very pleased with it and some went back to buy more for more rooms in the house.

Verdict: stylish and useful.

3. Norther Premium Vitoria

This fan is designed in a decorative and compact way that does not take up much space despite its large wing diameter. The lighting canopy is flat and contributes to its smooth design.

An efficient and sophisticated DC motor manages to bring the fan to 255 motor revolutions per minute in exemplary silence.

The blade structure made of a material closest to natural wood is really impressive in its beauty and is the strongest part of this fan.

Very suitable for living rooms or extra large bedrooms.

Verdict: Beautiful and efficient

4. Westinghouse Marino

The Marino fan is one of our best-selling fans for bedrooms because of its quietness and appealing design. The fan comes in three different models, all 42 inches in size - white / maple wings, black / cherry wings or bronze / dark wood. Note that each side of the wings is a different color so you can choose the preferred color during installation. The fan is controlled by a remote control with three rotational speeds and lighting control. The fan is one of our best sellers because it provides a perfect solution for bedroom ventilation and also includes an installation benefit from the American company Westinghouse of NIS 99.

Verdict: Excellent Choice for Bedrooms

5. Westinghouse Cypress

The Cypress ceiling fan is one of the most elegant and sophisticated fans we own. The fan is very large with a wingspan of 142 cm and is suitable for living rooms and other large rooms in the house. Its motor is one of the most sophisticated on the DC type market making it particularly quiet and economical. Its airflow is also very high even at a relatively low speed so it is usually not necessary to run it at high speed. The fan is powered by a remote control that turns on and off, the rotation speed (up to 6 speeds) and its lighting includes option to change the light temperature. Its body color is white and the wings are maple wood. The fan is highly recommended for living rooms.

Verdict: Luxurious with High quality