Moshe Klughaft appointed as adviser to PM Bennett

Klughaft has worked for Bennett for many years, managing several of his political campaigns.

Hezki Baruch ,

Moshe Klughaft
Moshe Klughaft
Naama Stern

Strategic consultant Moshe Klughaft has been appointed as adviser to the Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett.

Klughaft has been working for Bennett for many years. He served as Bennett’s strategic adviser when Bennett was head of the Yesha Council, and he also managed his campaign for leadership of the Jewish Home party, and later in the runup to the elections to the 19th Knesset, when the party won 12 seats.

Klughaft also advised Bennett prior to the elections to the 20th Knesset, and then left the country to work on various campaigns abroad. He will be continuing his work abroad even as he enters Bennett’s inner circle.

Klughaft also worked for a time for former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but in his new position, he will reportedly be given a lot more power than previously.