US racism and Israeli apartheid - telling it like it is

If you go out, say to the hospital, in the US and Israel, you can decide for yourself. Is this racism, is this apartheid? Op-ed.

Jack Engelhard ,

Arab child  awaits 'torture' in Hadassah Hospital
Arab child  awaits 'torture' in Hadassah Hospital

Racism in America? Apartheid in Israel? No way.

If you go to the hospital for tests or for a stay, or for an emergency, you will wonder what those Progressive “Woke” people are talking about.

They keep talking about racism, even worse, systemic racism.

Nowhere is that in the America that I know.

The shame of it, by the way, the pity of it, is that we should even be writing or talking about race when for decades the goings have been good.

We thought we had this thing licked.

Over the years, we did not obsess over the color of a person’s skin…whether electing Obama for president, or worshipping Oprah for television, or Michael Jordan for sports.

Of recent vintage, no American has been more beloved than Muhammad Ali.

Nothing is perfect, but everything’s been okay in America…until the Woke people came along to have us hyperventilating on race.

It is always something with Liberals. They need a cause. They need a cause to stay in business and to keep the money flowing.

Any cause will do, and it is better for them, much more satisfying and lucrative for them, when it’s got us choosing sides and hating one another.

Somewhere, someone at one of their meetings got up and said, “Hey, we already did gender. Why not do race next?” Excellent choice, and so it has been, and has been working.

But not when I went to the hospital for those tests.

Of the doctors, nurses and technicians, there was only the business to be done, with no thought between them or among the patients about race.

Was I supposed to be shocked and amazed that everything went along so smoothly and professionally?

I suppose so. After all, half the staffers were Black, the other half White, and even Biden keeps saying it is hopeless and useless.

Systemic racing is everywhere…he says…they say.

Too bad they weren’ there with me, to find no sign of it…nope. No clash of personalities. Rather, Blacks and Whites were on the same team.

They bonded as teammates as we’ve been bonding everywhere throughout the nation.

Some at the hospital were tall, some were short, so another cause soon to come against height inequality. Wait for it. Height Supremacy. Systemic Height Privilege.

Similarly, those who cry apartheid against Israel should have been there with me when I was hospitalized in Haifa.

There were Israelis everywhere among the doctors and nurses, and also there were Arabs, equally so among the patients.

Surprising? Not so. In Israel they do not know what you are talking about if you mention apartheid.

Working together over there is just “another day at the office.” Literally so.

Somebody needs to tell the Leftists about all this. Never mind. The facts will only confuse them and deprive them of their cause.

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