Bennett meets parents of missing soldier

Parents of Hadar Goldin tell PM it's time to correct mistakes of past 7 years and bring their son home.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Simcha Goldin at memorial for his son
Simcha Goldin at memorial for his son

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett met Thursday with Simcha and Leah Goldin, the parents of Hadar Goldin, the IDF soldier whose body has been held by the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza since Operation Protective Edge in 2014.

The meeting was also attended by Meir Ben Shabbat, Chief of the National Security Council, Yaron Blum, Chief Negotiator for Prisoners and Missing Persons, and Military Secretary to the Prime Minister Brigadier General Avi Bluth. The meeting took place as part of an update meeting that the Prime Minister is holding with the families of missing persons.

Bennett told the parents that he would be in constant contact with them and that his door was open to them.

The Goldin family said after the meeting: "We called on Prime Minister Naftali Bennett not to repeat the mistakes of the past. To do things differently. To put the return of the soldiers and civilians as a condition for everything. A condition for money to enter the Strip or any other project in the Strip - first of all, return Hadar and Oron from the battlefield. We failed for seven years. Now with the end of Operation Guardian of the Walls it's time to correct this."