Watch: Israeli singer Gad Elbaz sings Hatikva at Israel vs NY baseball game

Israeli National Team hosted by New York Boulders for special exhibition game honoring the 'Munich 11.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Gad Elbaz at Israelo-NY baseball game
Gad Elbaz at Israelo-NY baseball game

Popular Israeli singer Gad Elbaz sung the Israeli national anthem Hatikva at the opening of an exhibition game between the Israeli national baseball team and the New York Boulders independent professional team Monday evening.

Elbaz wrote on social media: "If the only time you ever go to a baseball game - is to support the Israeli National Team. They were playing an exhibition game before they leave for Tokyo to compete in the Olympics."

"At the same time honoring the memory of the “Munich 11”. The 11 Israeli athletes, coaches and officials who were kidnapped and murdered during the 1972 Olympics in Munich," he added.

The Enlite Unite Foundation, which sponsored Elbaz's appearance at the game, said: "When we heard there was going to be opposition from protesters. We sprung into action flying in Gad Elbaz to sing the Israeli National anthem to create unity and Jewish Israeli pride."

The Israelis won the game 7-1. They will now depart for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.