New National Security Council Chief Dr. Eyal Hulata: 'A genius groundbreaking thinker'

Former Mossad officials and senior IDF officers heap praise on PM Naftali Bennett's choice to head National Security Council.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

איל חולתא
איל חולתא
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“It has been a long time since such high praises have been heard about someone appointed to a senior government position like those for Dr. Eyal Hulata upon his appointment as chief of the National Security Council,” Yossi Melman wrote in Haaretz.

A number of former Mossad officials and senior IDF officers who worked with Hulata described him as a “genius”, and a “bright person” and a “groundbreaking thinker”. Hulata’s father was a professor of agriculture and was deputy chief of the Agricultural Research Organization’s Volcani Center. Hulata’s mother was a school teacher.

Melman noted that Hulata was a product of the IDF’s “Talpiot” technology leadership program at the Hebrew University. The advanced placement military-academic program is aimed at preparing security-tech leaders for research, development, and security establishment warfare.

Hulata was also the deputy chief of the Mossad’s operations department, serving directly under former Mossad chief Yossi Cohen, who was then serving as deputy chief of the Mossad and head of the operations department.

Hulata, Melman wrote, is not only an expert in forming technology policies, but also in the tactical application of technologies used by the Mossad, Israel Air Force, and the Military Intelligence Directorate.

Bennett, Melman continued, sought with Hulata’s appointment to send a clear message that he favored a non-partisan appointment. Secondly, Bennett understands that modern intelligence is tech-centered and that he needs an expert by his side. Third, Hulata is very familiar with the American intel agencies and worked with them while in the Mossad, meeting his American peers many times.