Head of Shomron Regional Council responds to Meretz

Head of the Shomron Regional Council, Yossi Dagan, fires back at Meretz members who criticized Evyatar outline.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Yossi Dagan
Yossi Dagan
Roi Hadi

The head of the Shomron Regional Council, Yossi Dagan, on Monday evening attacked the chairman of Meretz, Minister Nitzan Horowitz, and MK Yair Golan, also of Meretz, who criticized the outline for normalizing the community of Evyatar, which was agreed upon between the government and the residents of the community.

Minister Horowitz had told a Knesset committee that "the settlement of Evyatar was built on Palestinian lands, and they should be returned to their owners. I oppose the establishment of a yeshiva there." MK Golan added, "This is a community that was built in a wild and illegal way."

Dagan said in response to the two, "The extreme left is not bothered by Evyatar, it is bothered by the fact that Jews are in the Land of Israel. The extreme left will scream and the community of Evyatar will be established, first a hesder yeshiva and then a large permanent community, which will be the 34th community of the Samaria Regional Council."

In recent days, in accordance with the agreement, the Civil Administration has begun to carry out the survey work to regulate Evyatar.

A special accompanying team was set up by representatives of the residents of Evyatar and professionals in the Samaria Regional Council.