Ministry of Health releases new travel guidelines

The guidelines include new procedures for arriving passengers and restrictions on travel to certain destinations.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Ben Gurion International airport
Ben Gurion International airport
Avshalom Sassoni/FLASH90

The Ministry of Health published new guidelines on Friday, according to which all Israelis who return to Israel from abroad, including vaccinated and recovered individuals, will be required to undergo 24-hour quarantine, or until testing negative for COVID-19.

These guidelines are set to come into force next Friday.

The list of countries requiring quarantine has been expanded to include the United Arab Emirates and Seychelles. The list of prohibited destinations has been expanded to include Belarus and Uzbekistan, as well as Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, India, Mexico, and Russia.

All those returning from countries with a severe travel warning in effect will require a full period of quarantine instead of a single day.

Under the new guidelines, Israelis will be forbidden to fly to any country under a severe travel advisory, unless they receive special approval from the Exceptions Committee. Anyone entering Israel from these countries will be required to undergo a full period of quarantine.