UK anti-Israel protest group covers office building in red paint

Palestine Action dumps red paint from rooftop of Birmingham real estate firm, alleging company facilitates "Israel’s arms production.”

Dan Verbin ,

Anti-Israel protest (illustrative)
Anti-Israel protest (illustrative)
Flash 90

Three protestors have been arrested after pro-Palestinian demonstrators took over the roof of a property management company in Birmingham, UK on Monday, staging a protest against the “facilitation of Israel’s arms production.”

At approximately 6am, activists from Palestine Action chained the doors of Vine Property Management’s Harborne location. They proceeded to spray red paint onto the building, reported the Jewish Chronicle.

Vine Property is a partner of property group Fisher German, who Palestine Action claim manages a factory used by a subsidiary of Elbit Systems, an Israel aerospace company engaged in defense and security technology.

Fisher German told the Chronicle that they “do not work for the company that the protest was in relation to.”

“We have supported police in resolving the protest which has not only damaged our building but has also caused alarm and distress to our colleagues,” they stated.

After defacing the building with red paint – with what the group called the "Palestine Action mark" – Palestine Action said on Twitter, "Four local women arrested, one dearrested. Property managers of Elbit’s drone factory shut down and left with the #PalestineAction mark. Preparations under way to target every company enabling Elbit Systems. They may lock us up, but we will win!"

The protestors stayed on the building’s roof for nearly eight hours. Eventually, West Midlands Police arrested three women and released a forth.

They have been charged with criminal damage, aggravated trespass and obstructing a police officer.