Giant COVID testing tent in Ben-Gurion airport

Several government ministries have joined together to create a massive open-air testing center in Ben-Gurion airport.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

הקמת האוהל בנתב"ג
הקמת האוהל בנתב"ג
צילום: מוני שפיר

The Ministries of Defense, Transportation and the Airports Authority began work this morning (Friday) on the construction of a huge tent at Ben-Gurion Airport, which will allow for significantly greater COVID testing capacity in anticipation of the summer tourism season.

Tons of logistical supplies and equipment have been moved into Ben-Gurion airport to erect a tent covering 1500 square meters. Construction will be carried out over Saturday to allow it to begin operating as early as Sunday. The tent is to be filled with enough testing stations to service 2500 passengers an hour.

The project is led by the Ministries of Transport and Defense, under the auspices of the Assistant Minister of Defense, together with the Ministry of Health and the Airports Authority.

Defense Minister Gantz commented: "Increasing the testing capacity at Ben-Gurion Airport over the summer will be a significant stride in the struggle to maintain the health of Israeli citizens and the Israeli economy. The Ministry of Defense will continue to tackle any mission that is set before it in order to protect the citizens of Israel."

Minister of Transportation Meirav Michaeli added: "The additional testing complex located at Ben-Gurion Airport is necessary for protecting the public and protecting Israel from the virus, and joins steps we have already taken such as separating those landing from flights at maximum risk to Terminal 1. This project has been timed to coincide with the summer months, when the need for additional testing is greatest. ' I am glad that the Ministry of Defense accepted our offer to set up the tent in the existing airport grounds, sparing considerable expense and time until completion. The Ministry of Transportation is at the disposal of government ministries in every need and need so that we can fight the virus in the best possible way, "Michaeli added.