Lapid: I believe in Bennett, he's my friend

Foreign Minister in UAE: There is one prime minister and his name is Naftali Bennett.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Lapid in Abu Dhabi
Lapid in Abu Dhabi
צילום: שלומי אמסלם, לע״מ

Foreign Minister and Alternate Prime Minister Yair Lapid spoke to journalists this evening (Tuesday) in Abu Dhabi after the inauguration of the Israeli embassy in Abu Dhabi.

On his relationship with Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, Lapid said, "I have confidence in Bennett, he is my friend. I am not sitting and waiting for a rotation. There are no two prime ministers in Israel, there is one and they call him Naftali Bennett. For example tonight I will give him a detailed report when we finish here."

"We work excellently together. We both assume and understand that it is precisely in a narrow coalition that a relationship of trust holds it together," Lapid added.

When asked about his praise for former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in his speech at the embassy's inauguration, h said: "Netanyahu worked hard on the agreement and this should not be denied. I did not consider inviting him because he would not have invited the previous opposition chairman either."

He said, "We are making an effort to not hold grudges and I refuse to give into the poisonous culture that exists in Israel's Knesset. We are trying to produce a different political culture."

When asked about the controversy surrounding the outpost of Evyatar in Samaria, Lapid said: "What is illegal should be taken down, but the citizens of Israel are not enemies. Those who try to find non-predatory solutions are a good thing. The person in charge of dealing with it on behalf of the government is the defense minister and I support his position."