Brazilian Olim petition PM Bennett to save Evyatar

Residents of Ra'anana who made Aliya from Brazil meet PM Bennett at his home to ask him to authorize Evyatar outpost.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Flash 90

Residents of Ra'anana who made Aliya from Brazil arrived at Prime Minister Naftali Bennett's home in order to meet with him. After being refused they sent him a letter signed by over 250 olim with the demand that the Yishuv of Evyatar be authorized.

"We are a community of Olim from Brazil. We made Aliya to Israel in the belief that this is the home of the Jewish people. We are proud to be a part of the Zionistic people who have come to the Jewish homeland and have built the State of Israel."

"The establishment of the Yishuv Evyatar is a natural extension of Zionism. The Yishuv is on State land on which previously there was an army base called "Tapuchit". Therefore, with a simple signature of the political echelons the Yishuv could be authorized. We know that this is dependent upon you and it is within your ability to authorized Evyatar if you choose" they wrote.

They added, "it can be seen how the Palestinian Authority encourages and causes provocation of the nearby villages against Evyatar.

There is no doubt that any surrender by the Israeli government in Evyatar is equivalent to surrender in Gaza, Ashkenazi and Jerusalem."

They added "as people who left the country in which we were born and raised, we cannot comprehend how a government, with a right wing Prime Minister, could choose to destroy, instead of authorizing, this outstanding development. The processes and steps of our generation will be remembered for many years to come and will be a part of our history. We hope that PM Bennett will be remembered as a Prime Minister who decided to encourage and embrace Jewish settlement in the Jewish State. We are relying on you and your Zionistic values to make the right decision for the Jewish People."

This letter is part of the groundswell of support tfor Evyatar that is coming from all over Israel.