Yeshiva teacher accused of sexually blackmailing teenage students

Teacher at Chabad yeshiva accused of soliciting nude photos and sexual videos from teenage boys then blackmailing them.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

cyber crime (illustration)
cyber crime (illustration)

Police have arrested a teacher at a Chabad yeshiva on suspicion of sexually blackmailing male students, aged 14-15, on an online texting app.

The suspect contacted the minors through messages in the "Hangouts" app. During the correspondence with the minors, he introduced himself as a minor their age, established a relationship with them and asked to be sent nude photos and videos of a sexual nature, sometimes for money.

The suspect pressured and allegedly threatened the minors that he would release the footage and pictures he already had if they did not send him more.

During the investigation, which became public a few days ago, a variety of technological means were used and materials and evidence were collected, as well as testimonies from victims and others involved.

The suspect was arrested and his detention was extended until the end of the month on suspicion of indecent assault on a minor under the age of 16, extortion, possession of obscene material with the image of a minor and use of a minor's body to publish obscene material.