Stop playing into the Ayatollahs' hands!

How many innocent men, women, and children will have to die before the world realizes that appeasing Iran has never worked? Op-ed.

David Billet ,


In 1939, Adolph Hitler openly declared his intent to murder all European Jewry. Only a few years later, the world watched in silence as the soil of Europe became drenched with the blood of Jews during World War II.

Less than a century later, the Ayatollahs of Iran have publicly proclaimed their desire to destroy both the United States and the State of Israel and are determined to sow chaos throughout the entire Middle East.

The Ayatollahs relentless pursuit of nuclear weapons, and their unwavering support of terrorism around the world, prove that they dream of one day making this goal a reality.

While my grandparents miraculously survived the tentacles of the Nazi regime in Europe, I refuse to stand in silence and allow my children to face another murderous, dictatorial regime.

All economic, diplomatic, and, if necessary, military capabilities must be used to reign in this bloodthirsty regime and ensure the safety of not only the United States and the State of Israel, but the entire world.

Iran embraces a radical ideology that is rooted in a hatred for all western culture, whereby the United States is called the Great Satan and Israel is named the Little Satan. This burning hatred has resulted in Iranian support for terror groups throughout the Middle East and the world – such as Hezbollah in Lebanon and South America, Hamas in Gaza, the Houthis in Yemen, and radical Shia militias in Iraq. Iran utilizes each of these terror groups to threaten the United States, Israel, and countless other Arab monarchies in the Middle East, while also avoiding direct responsibility for their actions.

History has proven that all forms of appeasement with Iran will only increase the danger that they pose to the world. After Ronald Reagan chose to sell weaponry to Iran, Iran bombed a U.S. embassy in 1984; after Bill Clinton failed to respond to the Khobar Towers bombing and expressed hopes for conciliation, Iran forcibly repressed freedom of speech; and after Barack Obama established the Iran nuclear deal in 2015, Iran supported President Assad of Syria in a bloodthirsty war which led to the death of over 400,000 Syrian citizens.

How many innocent men, women, and children will have to die before the world realizes that appeasing Iran has never worked?

Furthermore, any trade with Iran provides them with the funding to support terror groups around the world. As a result of the sanctions imposed by the Trump Administration, Iran’s defense budget decreased by 28%. Just as human life on earth will cease to exist without oxygen, so too, terrorism will cease to exist without money. Sanctions must be used to cut off the supply of oxygen that is giving life to the terrorists who have dedicated their lives to destroying Western society.

Finally, the Iranian nuclear deal was established in the name of appeasement and has proven to be an absolute failure. The deal essentially provided Iran with access to billions of dollars in exchange for a promise that they will halt their nuclear program. Most alarmingly, the nuclear deal provided a sunset clause, which permits Iran to pursue nuclear weapons after a certain time period.

Even after promising to do so, Iran has entirely rejected many International Atomic Energy Agency investigators from inspecting Iranian nuclear plants. After years of uncertainty, in 2018, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed to the world definitive proof that Iran maintained a clandestine nuclear program ever since the nuclear deal came into existence.

Iran must be stopped from obtaining nuclear weapons and continuing to terrorize the Middle East and the World. I urge you to denounce the actions of this Iranian regime and to choose freedom over tyranny, light over darkness, and, ultimately, life over death.

While the world watched in silence as millions were slaughtered at the hands of the murderous Nazi regime, we must not wait in silence to learn what the Iranian Ayatollah’s will do to the world today.

David Billet is a student at Fordham University School of Law and has a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from Queens College, CUNY. As a hobby, he writes articles on the current political landscape, public policy and anti-Semitism. To date, in addition to Arutz Sheva, he has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Times of Israel and almost twenty other media publications.