Open letter to MK Rotman

Rabbi Amichai Gordon chastises MK Rotman for refusing to shake hands with MK Orbach.

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Rabbi Amichai Gordon ,

ח"כ עו"ד שמחה רוטמן
ח"כ עו"ד שמחה רוטמן
צילום: ערוץ 7

To my great disappointment, I noticed how proud you are that you did not shake Nir Orbach's hand because he "chose to cooperate with my enemies and the enemies of Israel.”

I did not talk to Nir Orbach about his considerations or his actions. I have, however, spoken with numerous supporters of Israel’s right, who are not members of the Knesset and who, unlike you and Nir Orbach, have no personal interest in one side or the other. Some oppose the government with all their might, some support it as a lesser evil, and some are undecided.

You are personally acquainted with several of those who support this government. They are, perhaps, badly mistaken, but why on earth are you unwilling to accept the possibility that someone thinks differently from you? That someone has reached a different decision than you not because of personal considerations but because he sees reality differently from you? Even if you feel obligated to fight the new government, must you disrespect those who support it?”

When I read your explanation for what happened, I was reminded of the words of the Netziv, who wrote: “The words ‘He is just’ are written in the Torah to said to justify God’s destruction of the Second Temple, when there were many who were righteous but did not deal honestly with one another. This led to baseless hatred, much bloodshed, and the eventual destruction of the Temple.”

Many wise and prudent people who have no personal interest are convinced that Bennett's moves are right. Why are you allowing the personal side to cloud your judgment? Do you understand what message you are conveying to the public? You are teaching the public that if someone disagrees with them, it is probably because he is evil and not because he thinks otherwise.

You are a talented and serious person. Many people value and are influenced by you. Give them a personal example of how to wage a stubborn and determined struggle without baseless hatred and with respect for different opinions