Girl Was "Never The Same" After What She Saw

In recent months, Tzila’s appearance had changed. She was pale and visibly more withdrawn.

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Lewis family’s
Lewis family’s
צילום: Vaad Harabbanim

For years, the Lewis family’s neighbors were used to seeing them around. Whether in the stairwell of their apartment building, the elevator, the park, or the makolet, young mom Tzila Lewis was spotted taking kids to and from school or running errands. In recent months, however, Tzila’s appearance had changed. She was pale and visibly more withdrawn. In recent weeks, neighbors stopped seeing her around at all. The family in the apartment next door noticed she didn’t even seem to be leaving their 2-bedroom home.

Little did they know that Tzila was fighting a harrowing battle, and had just received news that the battle could continue for the rest of her life. Her attacks of severe abdominal pain continued to get worse, until finally she was in a grocery store with her baby in the cart, and her pain became so bad she passed out. Doctors ran intensive tests and found that she suffered from a chronic condition - no solution for the pain, and no end in sight.

Now young dad Yechezkel Lewis does it all himself. He cares for five little kids whose demeanors have changed since seeing their mother’s attacks of excruciating pain. Tzila spends her days in bed while Yechezkel prepares meals, does the laundry, takes the kids to school, helps them with their homework, handles the shopping, and works as a tutor to make as much of a living as he can. Unfortunately, no amount of tutoring could possibly compensate for his wife’s lost income. Tzila may be physically unable to move, but Yechezkel is the epitome of stuck: He is watching his wife and children suffer before his own eyes and is unable to help.

Vaad HaRabbanim is raising money via The Chesed Fund to help the Lewis family pay their most basic bills and live with some sense of safety during this tremendously challenging time. The family is watching the campaign’s progress and praying for a glimmer of hope.