Ze'ev Elkin's surprising offer to Mansour Abbas

Housing Minister offers deputy ministerial position to Ra'am leader reportedly in exchange for support for Family Reunification Law.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Mansour Abbas
Mansour Abbas
Avshalom Sassoni/Flash90

Housing and Construction Minister Ze'ev Elkin has offered United Arab List chairman Mansour Abbas the position of deputy minister in his ministry in exchange for supporting the Family Reunification Law. According to the report by Channel12 News, the UAL is debating whether to accept the offer.

"On the one hand, this is an incredible opportunity to influence core issues, on the other hand, Ra'am will have to take responsibility for the policy," the report said.

Both sides acknowledged the proposal but stated that it has nothing to do with the Family Reunification Law and the need to appease the UAL ahead of next week's vote on the law.

The Likud responded, "Why does the current prime minister need another deputy minister in Mansour Abbas? Bennett continues to sell the elimination of the state in order to continue serving as prime minister with six seats."

The Religious Zionimt Party said that "it has not yet been two weeks since the formation of the Bennett Abbas government and the extortion of Ra'am. Instead of reaching agreements with us on the Basic Law of Immigration, which is on the Knesset table and will finally allow a proper solution to the issue instead of the perforated temporary order, Bennett and Shaked prefer to sell the interests of the State of Israel."

"If it was not clear to anyone - the patchwork government set up by Bennett to fulfill his personal desires will do everything to survive even at the cost of selling all of Israel's national and security interests. Everything will be done to overthrow it," the party said.