Will this Israeli technology put an end to regulatory breaches?

AI platform developed by new startup Sealed.ai helps enterprises detect fraudulent call patterns.

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Udi Nessimyan
Udi Nessimyan
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How often do you or your parents feel lost or helpless interacting with sales representatives or facing an endless stream of “free” goods delivered to the home by cunning agents? Chances are that even if it hadn’t happened to you or your loved ones, some friend or colleague had had this unpleasant experience. Help is on the way now with a new Israeli startup called Sealed, which developed artificial intelligence (AI) technology that analyses and enhance telephone interactions and may put an end to the regulatory breaches and the shoddy sales frauds perpetrated on unsuspecting consumers.

Sealed’s solutions primarily target online commerce and B2B companies that interact routinely with their customers on the phone and seek to ensure regulatory compliance with automated enforcement. Sealed’s system, which supports over 60 languages, records and transcribes the calls to provide real-time alerts on compliance issues. All calls are stored on the cloud and undergo analytics according to the customers’ requirements. Sealed’s proprietary, flexible communication infrastructure integrates seamlessly with any communication platform, including switchboards, conference calls, and web call services. It provides real-time monitoring of millions of call minutes every month, which it uses to train the selling models of financial services companies to enhance the detection and flagging of regulatory breaches.

Sealed’s CEO Udi Nessimyan says, “Sealed.ai’s intellectual property includes three registered US patents and two patents still pending approval.” He explains the patents are for the exclusive technology developed by Sealed for managing continuous, secured VoIP calls and for real-time mining of data out of these calls. The technology is licensed to the customers according to a metered model so customers pay only for what they use.

Before co-founding Sealed together with Amit Bohensky, who is the chairman of the company, Nessimyan, an attorney by training, helped establish the Justice Ministry’s Privacy Protection Authority, Israel Money Laundering Authority, and the Telecom Authority. He decided to co-found the company after Bohensky showed him the technology. The two were joined by Arik Halperin, who has decades of experience building VoIP and AI systems for the Israeli and global markets.

“Unlike competing solutions, Sealed’s technology integrates seamlessly with all switchboard types with cloud-based software. This model allows real-time call monitoring and use the findings to alert or train the salespersons in real times, He says. He adds, “Following analytics and training, the system can detect in the call any fraudulent pattern that the salesperson perpetrated intentionally or negligibly. The result is ongoing, non-invasive monitoring of regulatory compliance by the salesperson that facilitates the adoption of compliant call patterns. Companies using telephone interactions to sell need to understand they must ensure regulatory compliance in the same way that companies use technology to ensure compliance with privacy and information protection regulation.”

While technological development accelerates in many industries, many companies still use outdated telephone systems to interact with their customers. These interactions are often less than optimal because they provide consumers with the wrong service or result in goods being delivered to people’s homes in seemingly shoddy transactions. It is reassuring to know technology is now available to ensure this does not happen.