The House of the Shunamite Woman

R' Shimon Galai is travelling at the behest and under the guidance of Maran Sar HaTorah HaGaon R' Chaim Kanievsky.

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הרב שמעון גלאי אצל הרב קנייבסקי
הרב שמעון גלאי אצל הרב קנייבסקי
צילום: קופת העיר

Next to Afula, in the middle of an Arab village called Sulam (Shunam), stands an old, rickety house. There is practically no access to this village, nor to the house; whoever anyway wants to come needs to enter a moshav called Merchavia, where one finds a neglected dirt road. The car bounces up and down over the uneven stones, and proceeds until it reaches a place within: Sulam. In the heart of this village stands this wondrous spot, waiting for us – the house of the Shunamite woman.

It once happened that the prophet Elisha sent Geichazi to this woman to ask her with what she would like to be blessed. And there, on the earth of Shunam, the prophet stood and enacted the miracle- he announced his holy promise and blessed her with a child who would light up the eyes of the Jewish people.

And it was this prophecy that was absorbed into the walls and into the air of Shunam. This prophecy was transmitted throughout all the generations until this very year. This is the prophecy which speaks to each and every woman whose name is mentioned here, for these are the words of the prophet: "At this time …you will be holding a son…"

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You could merit to experience this marvelous moment, to hold in your arms a Jewish child; to merit to raise him to glorify Hashem's Name.

The prophet decrees, and Hashem fulfills. There, in Shunam, the heavens are open beyond their natural boundaries; when there seems there are no more chances, when everyone has already stopped believing- that's when the miracle occurs. A miracle that overturns reality. The channels that were opened then remain open until today. To request- and to receive. To hope- and to hold. This blessing's imprint has remained there for thousands of years.

Here, to Shunam, Maran the Steipler zy"a sent hundreds of couples to daven and to experience their salvation.

Here, in Shunam, Maran Sar HaTorah Rabeinu HGR' Chaim Kanievsky shlit"a davened nine years ago, in Tammuz תשע׳׳ב –and all the couples who were with him experienced salvation. To Shunam he sent his student, the master of prayer, Maran HaGaon HaTzaddik R' Shimon Galai shlit"a, before whom the gates of heaven are opened.

Each year he prays and entreats, for hours on end, and reads name after name with the tears pouring down his face: they should be blessed with zera shel kayama- children. With Hashem's help, many such couples have already been blessed. And he will bez"H travel to Shunam this year as well- on June 24 2021, .14 Tammuz 6681

At this time…you could be holding a son…

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