'We will not abandon the Holocaust survivors'

Minister Avigdor Liberman and Minister Meirav Cohen discussed joint activities for Holocaust survivors.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Liberman and Cohen during the meeting
Liberman and Cohen during the meeting
Finance Ministry spokesperson

Finance Minister Avigdor Liberman and Social Equality Minister Meirav Cohen on Monday evening held a meeting in which they discussed the rights of Holocaust survivors and agreed that the task of integrating populations into the labor market, including the elderly and haredim, is a national priority.

Liberman said that "abandonment is not part of the lexicon. We will not abandon the Holocaust survivors, we will take care of them, their rights and their daily well-being. In addition, we will work to integrate all Israeli citizens in the labor market through information and incentives, we will take care of the advancement of women and bring about a reduction in the wage gap in the economy. I thank Minister Meirav Cohen for recruiting the Ministry of Social Equality and wish the professional teams good luck in working on the emerging budget."

Cohen stated that "one of the most urgent tasks before us is to provide a response to the Holocaust survivors living in poverty. During the meeting with the Minister of Finance, we discussed a possible outline on this issue. We also discussed programs aimed at helping the elderly public to be absorbed into the workplace, as the economic safety net provided to them will soon come to an end, and without assistance in absorbing them into the workplace, they may deteriorate into poverty. I welcome the cooperation with the Minister of Finance and thank him for putting the needs of the elderly population high on the list of national priorities."