A happy childhood shattered: The story of an orphaned kallah

Sarah was a regular, happy little girl…until her father fell ill with the well-known, dreaded disease which eventually took his life. Now, t

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חתונה. אילוסטרציה
חתונה. אילוסטרציה

She was a little girl like all her friends, happy and carefree. She came from a warm, loving home. Her father was a respected talmid chacham (scholar) who delivered Torah lessons to many in their local beis medrash. Her mother had a well-paying job, and she lacked for nothing.

Little Sarah grew up. As the only child in the family, she was doted on by her parents. She wished she had brothers and sisters, but understood that the best- the only- thing to do would be to pray for them. But one unbelievable day, it happened…

Even now, thirteen years later, the memory is still sharp and clear- the unforgettable moment when she received a phone call, in school, and heard that her mother had given birth to twins! Her happiness knew no bounds.

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But then a new issue developed…Abba started to feel pains in his stomach. At first he didn't even bother to go to the doctor: "It's just the flu," he said, but his symptoms worsened. He started feeling pains all over his body, until he was left with no choice but to visit a specialist.

He sat across from the doctor, his heart pounding wildly. The doctor looked at him seriously, and gave him news that no one ever wants to hear…The malignant cells had multiplied within his body at dizzying rate, and the disease was in a very advanced stage. There wasn't much that could be done…

In one moment, life changed from one extreme to the next. The happy family which lacked nothing turned into a forlorn family running from one hospital to the next, running from the pharmacies to the chessed organizations.

The treatments were extremely expensive. Their supply of money dwindled at an astonishing rate. Ima left her job to care for helpless Abba and her three children, but Abba's situation only deteriorated…

…until it happened. Abba's family was called to his bedside in the hospital as his vital signs began to shut down, and the awful beeping of the numerous machines informed them that their dear Abba was no more.

Thirteen-year-old Sarah couldn't cope with the terrible news. She couldn't believe it. She cried incessantly, and fell into a depression which took quite some time to get over.

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The years passed, and Sarah reached the age of shidduchim. Her mother searched for an appropriate chassan for her, and baruch HaShem found one. The plate was broken amidst much rejoicing at the engagement party held in their simple home.

Immediately after the celebration, Sarah noticed that her mother looked sad. She tried to gently probe, but Ima turned away. Eventually, she explained, "My dear, I simply have no money- nothing at all. I don't know how I will marry you off."

Sarah cried and cried. She couldn't believe this was happening to her. She couldn't believe that, instead of rejoicing in anticipation of the happiest day of her life, she would be worrying about her future- and if there would even be a wedding at all.

Her wedding is scheduled for a few days from now. So far she has nothing- because she can't afford it. She has neither a wedding dress, a wedding hall, nor catering. She hasn't even printed invitations; she simply has no money to do so.

We have to help her! She needs to get married, and she needs to get married with a smile on her face! How can we allow her to go through this kind of suffering when it should be the happiest day of her life?!

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