PA criticized for accepting vaccines from Israel

Political officials demand establishment of commission to probe Israel-PA COVID-19 vaccine deal.

Dalit Halevi ,


Palestinian Arab organizations are demanding the establishment of a national commission of inquiry to examine the circumstances that led the Palestinian Authority (PA) to agree to receive coronavirus vaccines from the Israeli government.

The PA announced on Friday the cancellation of the agreement to receive Pfizer vaccine doses from Israel, claiming that the doses have expired or are about to expire. The agreement on the transfer of 1.2 million vaccine doses was reached through contacts between the Israeli and PA health officials.

The reformist branch of the Fatah movement called the Palestinian Authority's consent to receive the vaccine doses a "crime" that could have endangered the lives of Palestinian Arabs.

The organization of the national initiative called for a speedy investigation by independent judicial bodies on the subject of approving the expired vaccines and demanded a boycott of the Israeli side.

A senior member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine also called the Israeli-PA deal a "crime" made possible by a lack of oversight of the Palestinian Authority's executive branch.