Arabs riot on Temple Mount, hurl stones at police

Injuries reported as Arab mob clashes with police on Temple Mount following Friday prayers.

David Rosenberg ,

Rioters on Temple Mount (archive)
Rioters on Temple Mount (archive)
Muamar Awad/Flash90

Arab rioters clashed with Israeli police on the Temple Mount Friday, nearly a month after a wave of rioting in the capital and across other mixed cities.

Rioters hurled rocks at police following a demonstration on the Temple Mount, which organizers said was held in protest of slogans chanted against Islam’s Prophet Muhammed by some participants at the Flag March in the Old City of Jerusalem earlier this week.

Following the demonstration, which was held at the end of Friday prayers and featured Palestine Liberation Organization flags, a number of demonstrators began hurling stones at Israeli police officers.

Security officers responded by firing rubber bullets at the rioters.

Thus far, three rioters have been injured and evacuated for treatment.