Dubai placed on list of COVID-19 red countries

Ministry of Health announces that the UAE will be added to the list of countries with a large number of COVID-19 cases.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Ben Gurion Airport
Ben Gurion Airport
Avshalom Sassoni/Flash 90

During a situation assessment conducted at the Ministry of Health, it was decided to add the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to the list of countries with a severe travel warning due to a large number of cases of COVID-19. At the same time, Peru was removed from the list.

The list of countries with a severe travel warning currently includes: Uganda, Uruguay, Dubai, Seychelles, Ethiopia, Bolivia, Maldives, Namibia, Nepal, Paraguay, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica and Tunisia.

The Ministry of Health noted that "if there is no significant improvement in the level of morbidity in the above countries, they are expected to enter the list of countries at maximum risk level. The public is called to plan its travels accordingly."

According to the regulations, the departure of Israeli citizens and residents (with the exception of cases approved by the Exceptions Committee) is prohibited to countries considered being at maximum risk, which now include Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, India, Mexico and Russia.

In addition, all entrants (of all ages, including those who have recovered and who have been vaccinated) from these countries are required to be in isolation, according to Ministry of Health procedures.