'The soldiers saw the threat coming and alerted their comrades'

Alert and resourceful soldiers saved their comrades in attempted ramming attack. 'Terrorist emerged with knife, force shot her in the head.'

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Ido Ben Porat ,

Scene of the attack
Scene of the attack
Arutz Sheva

Reserve soldiers saved their comrades in the critical seconds of the ramming and stabbing attack that was thwarted today, Wednesday, near the Hizma checkpoint at the northern entrance to Jerusalem.

The soldiers described that a combination of high alertness, resourcefulness and fighting spirit, successfully brought an end to the incident, during which the terrorist was eliminated, and the soldiers came out unscathed.

The Torat Lehima organization published the sequence of events, which lasted a few seconds: "At 10:45, the Arab terrorist entered a construction compound near the blockade with a speeding vehicle. The sharp and top-tier soldiers from the Auxiliary unit of the Negev Reconnaissance Battalion identified the threat and alerted their comrades who were sitting under a canopy in the compound, the terrorist accelerated toward the soldiers but thankfully, the soldiers managed to leap away and escape the attack. "

The organization added: "The terrorist's vehicle crossed through the canopy and came to halt at large rocks. The terrorist came out with a knife and the force charged at her and shot her properly - in the head."

The terrorist, 29-year-old Mae Afana from Abu Dis, wrote on her Facebook account this morning: "I don't have much time left in my life."