The orphan who has no one to name her

Let's all unite for the sake of an orphaned infant who was born today and has no one to give her a name.

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The father of the Gadidian family was suddenly niftar two months ago. He left behind a widow and 7 orphans, the oldest of whom is 15 years old, and today their eighth child was born. She is to be named this Shabbos in the beis haknesses, but has no one there to give her a name

Kupat Ha'ir has verified that this family is very alone, without relatives or close friends to help

We may not ignore their desperate situation and just go about our business* We urgently need to unite to assist them now

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This great level is true of the outwardly nondescript Gadidian home in Tel Aviv. Today they merited to welcome into the family a new baby girl, the eighth child in a family whose oldest child is 15. This infant was born already an orphan, as her father was suddenly niftar two months ago. Kupat Ha'ir has opened an emergency fund for them, as this family has no one to assist them.

This coming Shabbos, when the gabbai of the beis knesses will wait for someone to come to call the newborn a name, there won't be anyone who will approach the sefer Torah- her father is no longer in this world, and the children are too young to give their sister a name.

Who will decide on the name? Who will give her the name? This is just a tiny sampling of the painful questions that this family will be dealing with on a daily basis- a lone widow with eight young children, struggling to cope without her husband and father of the children.

The baby gift that we can give this family, which everyone can take part in, is to participate in a fund for these eight orphans, to help support them…if not you and I, then who will? They have no one else!

Please specify your donation is for fund 5225, "The Orphan Without Someone To Name Her."