Yamina MK Shirley Pinto sworn into Knesset in sign language

Pinto is the Knesset's first-ever deaf member.

Hezki Baruch ,

"I pledge" in sign language
"I pledge" in sign language
Knesset Channel

MK Shirley Pinto (Yamina) became the first-ever deaf member of the Knesset on Wednesday, after pledging her allegiance to the State of Israel and its institutions.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett joined the swearing-in ceremony for MK Pinto, a member of his Yamina faction.

"This is one of the most exciting moments for me on a personal level and for the State of Israel as a whole. Shirley Pinto, the first deaf MK in Israel, has proven by her actions that everything is possible," said Bennett at the ceremony.

"Dear Shirley, I am so proud of you. Together, we will succeed."

Under the guidance of the Knesset Speaker, Mickey Levy, a package of proposals and suggestions is being prepared for Pinto, which will enable her to fulfill her parliamentary duties in the best possible way.

As part of the development of this package, in the last few days, the Knesset secretary, Yardena Meller-Horowitz and her staff have been meeting with experts from the computer and technology branch of the Knesset and with MK Pinto, in order to define her precise needs and provide her with a list of solutions that will help her to do her daily parliamentary work.

During Knesset sessions, MK Pinto will be aided by a special personalized translator who will translate the proceedings into sign language and will speak in her voice using a “Madonna”-style microphone that will be connected to the central amplification system of the plenum.

It was also agreed to accommodate MK Pinto’s request that her Knesset seat be in a position that allows her to see her translator up-close, which will enable her to be part of the proceedings in real-time in order to respond to comments, pose questions, and speak from the podium. The Knesset will also be shortly installing a special light in MK Pinto’s room that will flash when the bell rings before a vote is taken in the plenum.