Jerusalem Chief Rabbi: Return to the synagogues

Rabbi Shlomo Amar criticizes people who continue to pray in the street after COVID restrictions on synagogues have been lifted.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Rabbi Shlomo Amar
Rabbi Shlomo Amar
Hezki Baruch

Rabbi Shlomo Amar, the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, called on religious Jews to return to the synagogue following the removal of coronavirus restrictions.

In a special video that will be broadcast tonight at the "Returning to the Synagogues" conference of the World Synagogue Organization, Rabbi Amar referred to the people who continue to pray in street minyans even though prayers can already be resumed at synagogues.

"How unfortunate it is to hear that there are other people who want to continue to pray in the courtyards. Do you really have such great contempt for synagogues from this thing, that after G-d has dealt kindly with us, opened the gates of mercy, that we can pray - that we should go and choose a quick and disrespectful prayer?"

Rabbi Amar's full remarks will be broadcast tonight at a conference to be held by the World Organization of Synagogues to mark the return to synagogues. The conference will be broadcast on Arutz Sheva at 8:30 PM tonight, Tuesday night, and Wednesday night.