Noa and Uriel were born with a disability, which limits their mobility

They are little children, but they were born with a severe disability.

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צילום: Kupat Ha'ir

This is an unusual story. It's also especially sad. They are parents of two wonderful children, Noa and Uriel Gold. But they were born with a disability in the lower section of their bodies, which greatly limits their mobility.

They are very young, but they can't get around. They can't move around to play with their friends, they can't roam around the house- they are disabled.

Left with no choice, the parents have issued a passionate plea for help; a fund has been initiated to help them move around freely, despite their disability.

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They have special machines for this purpose, tells the father, but in order to use them we have to move to a more spacious apartment. Their current crowded apartment doesn't allow them to get around with these machines.

Therefore, the mother and father are asking the public to come to their aid and help them to buy a new apartment, more spacious than their current one, in order to save their children and allow them to be mobile.

Moving to another apartment is an absolute necessity for them, but they don't have the means to do so. They are penniless. We have to stand by their side and assist them; we'll help them and help make these pure children happy.

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