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Join Us For A Night Of Inspiration Honoring The Rebbe

Enjoy a special program in honor of Gimmel Tamuz, discussing renewing the pledge to protect Jewish lives in Israel today.

Tamar Adelstein ,

Join Us Tonight
Join Us Tonight
Tamar Edelstein

Crown Heights Women for the Safety and Integrity of Israel is pleased to announce its annual conference honoring the Lubavitcher Rebbe for his decades of leadership in the arena of Shleimus HaAretz – preserving the territorial integrity over the entire Land of Israel because that is what protects Jewish Lives – will be held this Sunday on Gimmel Tammuz, June 13, 2021, on the Rebbe’s Yom Hillula.

The program features an important list of speakers including:

Rabbi Mendy Mirocznik (Igud HaRabbonim) – The Rebbe’s approach to the State of Israel and Halachic priorities for security and sovereignty.

Rabbi Heschel Greenberg (Lubavitcher Shaliach to Buffalo, New York) - The Rebbe and the Temple Mount.

Daniel Luria (Ateret Cohanim) - Chabad and the Holy City of Yerushalayim.

Yehudit Tayar (Veteran spokeswoman for the settlement movement in Yehuda and the Shomron and a leading EMT first responder) - Security on the ground from Emergency First Responder.

Yotam Eyal (Founder, The Legal Forum for Israel) – Restoring balance to the Judiciary in Israel; protecting civil rights, ensuring sound governance and safeguarding Israel’s and the Jewish people’s national interests.

Rabbi Yaakov Cohen (Director for the Institute of Noahide Code, an NGO at the United Nations) - Sheva Mitzvos and the Arabs in Israel.

Jeff Cohen (USA director for Zehut International) – The Alternative to the Two State Solution.

Member of Knesset May Golan will receive an award, virtually, for her courageous stand on behalf of Shleimus HaAretz in the Knesset.

The conference is being held via Zoom and begins at 1 pm EST and 8 pm in Israel.

Pianist Rochel Ferency will play selections of Chabad melodies, niggunim, for the occasion. And, a very special recording by one of Israel’s greatest performers will be shown.

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Looking forward to greeting you,

Mrs. Tamar Adelstein, Coordinator

Crown Hts. Women for the Safety & Integrity of Israel