NYC Driver who crashed into Hatzalah ambulance faces multiple charges

Driver faces 10 charges including multiple assault charges, reckless driving, driving without a proper license and excessive speed.

Dan Verbin ,

United Hatzalah ambulance
United Hatzalah ambulance
United Hatzalah

The driver who careened through an intersection in Canarsie, Brooklyn, slamming into a Hatzalah ambulance so hard that the ambulance flipped over has been arrested on multiple charges.

The incident took place on April 4, the last day of Passover.

Fazal Zeshan, 18, was arrested on Wednesday by the Brooklyn, New York Kings County DA, reported the Yeshiva World.

He faces 10 charges, including assault in the second degree, improper operation of vehicle upon approach of authorized emergency vehicles, excessive speed, reckless driving, unlicensed operator and multiple assault in the third degree counts.

The ambulance was transporting an elderly patient who was suffering a cardiac emergency to the hospital. CPR was being performed when the ambulance was hit by the vehicle as it travelled through an intersection. The ambulance was flipped onto its side from the overwhelming force of the impact.

The crash resulted in serious injuries to two Hatzalah personnel, while the patient who was rushed to the hospital in a second ambulance sadly was pronounced dead at the hospital.