Will new government will affect Jewish Diaspora?

Dr. Shmuel Katz, co-founder of Stand With Us, talks with Arutz Sheva about how the new government will affect both the Diaspora and Israel.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Dr, Shmuel Katz
Dr, Shmuel Katz
Arutz Sheva

In a conversation with Arutz Sheva about the incoming government, including its leanings towards the political left, and its potential effect on Diaspora Jewry, Dr. Shmuel Katz, a co-founder of "Stand With Us," emphasized that, "It's still too early to say" what will happen.

Dr. Katz is a leading activist in the United States for Israel Advocacy, and helps guide Stand With Us' pro-Israel messaging. His articles are published in various media, including Arutz Sheva, and he is robustly involved in Jewish and pro-Israel organizations all across the United States.

"In the United States, you have a variety of opinions regarding the State of Israel," Dr. Katz explained. "The right will always support Israel, even if they don't respect the government. Some of the left will actually support Israel more if there is a left-leaning government. Of course, some of the left won't support Israel no matter what. You need to take many different viewpoints into account."

Dr, Katz also said that he thinks that the diversity of the incoming government may make the government unstable.

"[MK Naftali] Bennett (Yamina) and [MK Yair] Lapid (Yesh Atid) may say one thing to one group, and something else to others," he said. "I hope they can remain true to the good of Israel. We even have some MKs who are actually against the State of Israel, people who say one thing in Arabic, speaking against the State, and another in Hebrew, to sound like he is supporting it."

"We need to make hard decisions," Dr. Katz added. "Decisions need to be made for the good of all Israelis, of any religion. Israel cannot be allowed to make sacrifices that it cannot recoup. [Former Prime Minister Ariel] Sharon - a right-wing politician - thought he could trade land for peace. He got something far worse. Despite his mantra that 'we can always conquer it back,' we never did, and we now have another Iranian-backed terror state to contend with."

Dr. Katz summarized what he believes to be the most important principle for the incoming government: "We want everyone to live well and thrive - whoever it is."