Journalist: No more interviews with Yamina and New Hope MKs

Journalist Shimon Riklin will boycott MKs from Yamina and New Hope: I have no interest in talking to con men.

Yonatan Gottlieb ,

Shimon Riklin
Shimon Riklin
Yoni Kempinski

Journalist Shimon Riklin announced on Thursday that he will stop inviting Knesset members from the Yamina and New Hope parties to his program which airs on Channel 20.

"I asked the editor of my program not to invite anyone from Yamina and New Hope for interviews with me," he wrote on his Twitter account. "I have no interest in talking to con men and especially to people who do not know how to behave like human beings."

This post by Riklin provoked reactions from other Twitter users. One person claimed that Riklin in any case invites only people who are on his side of the political spectrum, to which Riklin replied, "This is not true. I invite many Arabs and leftists and anyone who is interested. I am happy to have a dialogue with everyone except with those where there is no point because everything is a lie."

Meanwhile, Channel 20 in collaboration with the Maagar Mochot Institute conducted a poll that presents data on the political map on the eve of the inauguration of the Bennett and Lapid government.

According to the poll, the Likud party maintains its power and is in first place with 30 seats. Yesh Atid follows with 23 seats, the Religious Zionist party rises from six to nine seats and Shas maintains its power with nine.

Labor and United Torah Judaism retain their power with seven seats, Blue and White drops to six seats, as do Meretz and Yisrael Beytenu who receive six seats each. The predominantly Arab Joint List party loses a seat and drops to five.

Three parties win four seats: Mansour Abbas' Ra'am, Naftali Bennett's Yamina and New Hope led by Gideon Sa'ar.

When it comes to blocs, the Bennett-Lapid bloc has 60 seats, while the Netanyahu bloc has 55, with the Joint List's five seats making up the remaining seats.