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5 Good Reasons Why Every Small Business Needs an Online Reputation

Small businesses of all kinds rely on their reputations to bring in new customers. Reputation reflects how they run their businesses,

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Family businesses
Family businesses

Letting Customers Find You

One of the biggest challenges small businesses have is getting noticed. Starting out, or even after years, it can be difficult for small businesses to compete with companies that have large marketing budgets. Your online reputation could be how customers first find you.

There are many places online where customers can voice their opinions on businesses and services they’ve used. Social media, Google, Yelp, and more all support reviews for businesses. Search engines consider these reviews when ranking pages, bringing better-reviewed companies to the top.

If a carpenter has dozens of five-star reviews, they’ll be coming up on top. Even if every review isn’t perfect, having a sizeable quantity plays an important part. Consider specifically asking customers for their reviews on any of the following platforms:

  • Google

  • Facebook

  • Yelp

  • HomeAdvisor

  • Yellow Pages

  • Angie’s List

Having a decent spread of reviews across multiple sites, especially small business reviews sites, will make it easier to find your business than curated testimonials on your own website.

Presenting a Professional Appearance

For a lot of small business owners bridging the gap between side-hustle and professional business is tricky. Even when you’ve made it, potential customers might not see it that way. Having a good online reputation can have your customers seeing you as a contractor rather than just a handyman.

People place a lot of weight on online reviews and testimonials, more than most people would expect. They do consider them as reliable as word-of-mouth from a friend or family member. When your online reviews say you’re a professional, people will believe it.

The absolute worst case is having no reviews at all. When people search for your business and don’t find anything from former customers, they’ll think you’re just getting started. Even if that’s true, that’s not the image you want to present. Try to get reviews from customers as early as possible to build up:

  • Credibility in your field

  • Confidence in your work

  • Professional appearance

Even if the reviews aren’t all perfect, having them establishes you as an actual business that customers can trust for professional service.

Online Reviews are a Proven Factor in Customer Decisions

The impact of online testimonials on your business’s success isn’t just some theory. It’s a thoroughly developed part of marketing strategy worldwide. Any professional marketer can give you detailed numbers on how reviews impact your business as clearly as expectations from traditional marketing.

For small businesses that provide professional services like electricians and plumbers, or companies selling low to medium price range goods, online reviews are among the top factors influencing customers.

For customers, this all boils down to risk. Every purchase is going to have a risk assessment. Large purchases, houses and such, will have intensive research and professional guidance before a purchase. Most purchases fall right in the range where online consulting reviews are the appropriate level of insight.

Getting Honest Feedback for Your Business

Reviews aren’t just for the benefit of potential customers. They can be a big help for businesses as they grow and change. Large companies go through extensive efforts and devote substantial money to developing ways to get customer feedback. Online reviews give you that for free.

If customers are unsatisfied, the worst thing that can happen is not finding out about it. When a customer leaves a mediocre or negative review, they typically say why. If you can notice trends, you can correct the problems with your business.

You don’t want your stint as a personal trainer or mechanic to come to an end because you don’t get any repeat business. Online reviews give you a chance to take a closer look at what customers want from your business and then determine how to give it to them.

Every Business Needs an Online Presence

We are long past the point where small businesses could get by without any web presence. Today, they need not only their own websites to inform customers, but a network of online reviews and testimonials that build customer trust in their business.