Shas rabbis call for prayers to annul 'government of wickedness'

Shas rabbis call for prayers and supplications after 'those who hate G-d' 'joined together to form government of wickedness.'

Ben Shaul ,

Prayers (illustrative)
Prayers (illustrative)
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The Shas party's Council of Torah Sages on Tuesday morning called to hold a mass prayer session "to remove the evil decree of a government of those who uproot religion."

The Council explained that Israel is currently experiencing a "a time of trouble" and that problems "increase from day to day, both for individuals and for the public."

These troubles are especially prominent now, they said, "when those who hate G-d have lifted their heads and made a treaty together...and joined together to form a government of wickedness, and their entire goal and intention is to uproot the Torah and Judaism from the Jewish People and from the Land of Israel."

"Therefore, we call on the entire holy nation in each and every place" to gather together Wednesday to hold prayers "for the salvation of all of Israel and to return the glory of Torah."

In synagogues and study halls mass prayers, including Selichot prayers, will be held, and chapters of Psalms (20, 83, 121, 130, and 142) will be recited.

"May everyone who cries with the public merit to see the public's comfort," the rabbis added.