Biden and Bennett - amateur hour?

Establishing a coalition sans Bibi, whose supporters have 51 seats without Bennett, Saar and Ra'am is a betrayal and a worry. Op-ed.

L. Chaim Tenenbaum ,

Bennett and Michaeli
Bennett and Michaeli
Oliver Petusi, Flash 90

As an American, a Jew, and an Ardent Zionist, truth be told that the Biden presidency is merely Obama the Arabist redux. So no doubt there's Gloating in River City over Naftali Bennett & Co.'s plans to provide a pink slip to Benjamin Netanyahu, THE Netanyahu, who served The State of Israel's populace admirably, with more diplomatic muscle than any nation has known (with the exception of President Donald Trump at American's helm).

To be sure, neither Bennett nor those in his coalition, which includes radical left Meretz, the Ra'am Arab party and the Labour party's anti-Israel Ibtisam Mara'ana. with 49 left or center-left out of 61 Knesset seats, have had or will have made their bones offering their own brand of Statesmanship and Stewardship. Such requires fortitude on behalf of The Jewish State and the guts to stand up to the Iran Deal in Congress and the UN as Netanyahu did; none have Netanyahu's history as a government official having held a litany of Ministerial posts--appointment after appointment as National Guru for Health, Communications, Regional Cooperation, Foreign Affairs, Defense, etc. While the rusted Socialists in the country are always want of a babysitter (much the same as the leftist Democrats in America today), it appears the only position Netanyahu hasn't had experience in is that of Official Rust Remover for The Iron Dome.

Endorsing a two-state solution providing individuals who never received the original key to Israel's G-D given landholdings is Biden's plan. That any Israeli, let alone outsiders and outliers, attempt to force such a plan upon the Israelis is a travesty. From Gaza to The 'West Bank', Lebanon to the faux Kingdom of Jordan, there already exists enough psychiatric miasma, where it is a miracle a State of Israel exists.

If Netanyahu cannot achieve another term as Prime Minister, I doubt Bennett would man up to honor his predecessor's service. Netanyahu never seemed to let his guard down-- statements he made as a Diplomat nonpareil, revealed his unfettered determination to communicate to the Palestinian Arabs that heir failings are the result of entrusting their value to their own vacuous leaders, regarding self-determination:

"For 20 years, the Arabs had both the 'West Bank' and The Gaza Strip, and if Self-Determination, as they now say, is the core of the conflict, they could have easily established a Palestinian State. The concessions the Palestinians wanted only gave encouragement to extremist elements. There must be tangible gestures of Palestinian goodwill before Israel concedes anything."

Moreover, he told those having the chutzpah to challenge such demands for a "Demilitarized Palestinian State: that Jerusalem Must Remain The United Capital of Israel, That the Palestinians Not Have An Army Nor A Right of Return, and there must be Natural Growth re Existing Jewish Settlements in The 'West Bank'."

Netanyahu, in practical terms, even prior to his earliest times in Israel's government, has practically seen it all: The War of Attrition, The Yom Kippur War, Entebbe, The Hebron Protocol, The Wye River Memo aka three no's and the truth about Arab badwill; the Sham of Oslo; Sadaam Hussein's Iraq; the 2005 Disingagement from Gaza (and the removal of 21 Israeli Settlements); the neverending Anti-Israel votes from the U.N.; the farce of UNRWA; the Anti-Semitism of UNESCO, the Palestinian provocateurs instigating Intifada after Intifada, and, of course, the financing of Hamas's terror trove via their mothership Iran.

With all that, Netanyahu is hardly in a retirement frame of mind. Can anyone blame him? Obviously, he knows there's much work still to be done for the betterment of Israel, and his wont of a legacy that achieves the success, his predecessors could only dream about--their dreams included caving in to global pressure to trade land for a 'Peace' that got nowhere fast.

Establishing a coalition sans Netanyahu, who won enough votes for a coalition of 51 seats without Bennett, is to betray his works on behalf of Israel, it's rightful prosperity and rightful longevity. A true cohesive coalition Includes, not Excludes, those who have made The Jewish State an Important player upon the world's stage.

What is twelve years as Netanyahu retains his spine to take Israel even further as an Exemplar?

L.Charm Tenenbaum, an ardent Zionist, is an alumnus of John Jay College of Criminal Justice and on the cusp of finishing her first book, a work of historical fiction Where The Modern White House Converges With Tudor England.