We installed a Trojan Horse in the highest echelon of government

Will this government last even a year?

Walter Bingham ,

Lapid, Bennet and Abbas
Lapid, Bennet and Abbas
Nawaf Nabari

We Have: A ‘Government of Change’ for the worse, in which every party pulls in a different direction.

Hear: About Israel’s New President. Will he be able to take off his party-political hat?

My: Personal rebuke of Naftali Bennett, who changed his political direction like a wind-vane and cheated his voters.

All About: The continuous pain suffered by our frontline citizens as a result of failed action in Gaza

The: Inclusion of an Arab party in government is a serious miscalculation brought about by the eagerness to oust Netanyahu at all cost. Yes, he needed to be replaced, but the cost of the means will soon be shown to have been too high. We have a Trojan Horse in government and the Civil Service.

What: Is our government hiding about the agreements among the parties? Why will they not disclose it to the Knesset? Did the Defense Minister promise the Americans a building freeze in Yehuda and Shomron?

Is: The new clique going to fall for the Hamas approach for a disproportionate prisoner swap and give the 1,111 terrorists back?

Why: Are the so-called Arab refugees so keen to change Europe into the oppressive Muslim regime that they left to have a better life?

Plus: Hear how haredi, ultra-orthodox youth are leaving the fold but have difficulties to find their place in the secular world.

And: More.