Israel ends most coronavirus restrictions

Limits on unvaccinated lifted and most COVID restrictions ended as 'green tag', 'purple tag' rules expire. But indoor mask mandate remains.

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David Rosenberg ,

שגרה בצל הקורונה
שגרה בצל הקורונה
צילום: Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

Israel on Tuesday lifted most of its COVID restrictions on public activity, following an extended period of low coronavirus infection rates.

On Monday, the government approved the lifting of major limits on public activity and business operation, which were set to expire Tuesday.

Both the ‘green marker’ (Tav Yarok) and ‘purple marker’ (Tav Sagol) sets of regulations on mass gatherings and business operations were nullified starting Tuesday morning, ending the limits on a wide variety of activities.

The end of the ‘green marker’ program means that the unvaccinated – including children who are below the vaccination age – may now be able to freely enter hotels, restaurants, cultural events and other venues without a recent negative COVID test.

Businesses restricted by the ‘purple marker’ program will no longer be required to limit the number of customers allowed inside at any given time, and will no longer be required to maintain two meters between customers or between customers.

Event halls will now be able to operate freely with no limits on the number of people allowed indoors, regardless of participants’ vaccination status.

The indoor mask mandate, however, will remain in place for the time being, though the Health Ministry plans to reevaluate the mandate in the near future.